Reverse Engineer Consciousness

A thought for atheists.

Consciousness is like a unique barcode that every individual possesses disparate of one another. No person can be born with the exact same consciousness. We may all be one unified system of thought experiencing itself subjectively, but in reality, one person = one brain = one consciousness.

Hypothetically, if scientists can reverse engineer human consciousness to the point where they can decipher the coding precisely enough to replicate it, then wouldn’t it stand to reason that you could have two persons + two brains = one consciousness?

Now you take these two people that share a consciousness and place them on opposite sides of the globe. Who would have the dominant perspective if both levels of consciousness were identical?

Perhaps you think this is not an achievable task. Ok, so then what is consciousness? If evolution is not responsible for human sentience, then what is? By the logic of evolution, reverse engineering of human consciousness and manufacturing consciousness is completely possible once the technology becomes sustained.

Maybe secretly you think that your consciousness is unique and should always stay that way? Supernatural wishful thinking… your consciousness is a result of biological randomness that can be reconstructed by science.

I bet those who believe in God feel a little better about themselves, eh?









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